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Civilian Volunteers

There is no obligation to join the military to participate in our band rehearsals and concerts. Our civilian volunteers are happy to play in a band with no registration fees. They are an important part of our group and we appreciate their time and commitment. Regular volunteers may also be loaned uniforms. If you played an instrument before and would like to get back at it, this is the perfect place for you.

Career Path

If you are short on cash, consider joining the military as a part-time musician with the LER Band. There is a military basic training course to complete. Usually taken in the summer for a month, or alternatively on weekends during the school year, basic training will test your patience under stress, allow you to show your honesty, and it will be a great place to meet some friends that you will likely have for life. You will be paid for all training. After basic training, get paid to have private lessons, practice and participate in a band.


Looking for others who play your instrument? It can be beneficial to your development to join a community where you can discuss instrument related ideas. We are non-competitive and welcoming. If you have played in competitive environments before, you may enjoy this band. It is somewhere you can finally play music without worrying about how you rank among others.


We have musicians currently employed to work in various capacities. Our ensembles include:

. Concert Band

. Drumline


Need an instrument? We have some for your use.

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